30 Oct 2018

How to activate EM•1®
(**Activated EM•1 is called EM Activated Solution “EMAS “)

  1. Water 400 ml
  2. Molasses 20 - 25 ml
  3. (or brown sugar 20 - 25 gm)
  4. EM•1 20 - 25 ml
  5. 500-ml bottle
  • Pour 400 ml of water into a measuring cup.
  • Add 20 - 25 ml of molasses (or 20 - 25 gm of brown sugar). Mix well.
  • Add in 20 - 25 ml of EM•1®. Mix well.
  • Pour all contents into the plastic bottle. Make sure to leave about 10% air space.
  • Keep the bottle tightly closed and leave in a warm place (i.e. 20 - 40oC) for 7 – 10 days.
  • Loosen the cap a few times over the 10 days to release pent-up gas.
  • When gas formation stops, the fermentation process is complete.
  • Store in a cool dark place.
  • Use within 1 month according to the dilutions below:

Points to note:
  • Check to make sure the cap is always closed tightly for both EM•1 and EMAS. When air enters during the fermentation stage, unwanted microbes can enter and begin putrefying the contents.
  • DO NOT use a glass bottle for making EMAS as the pent-up gas may lead to an explosion.
  • To check for quality, ensure that the pH is below pH 3.6. The smell should be sweet-sour.
  • After opening the bottle of EM•1, white flakes may appear on the surface of the liquid. This is yeast and is harmless.
  • Discard if the pH rises above 4 or if there is a foul smell.
  • To ensure the quality, we do not recommend to use a 2nd generation of EMAS or further generation.

• EM likes warm conditions.

A suitable temperature for fermentation (propagation) of EM•1 is from 30°C to 40°C. In the winter, and other times when the temperature is low, after making the Activated EM•1 (dissolving the molasses in hot water), place the EM next to a radiator, space heater, or other warm device, or even wrap it in a blanket or an insulator, in order to promote EM fermentation.

When is Activated EM•1® ready to use?

Activated EM•1 is ready to use, 7 - 10 days after preparing it, when the pH of Activated EM•1 drops below 3.6 (ideally it has a pH between 3 - 3.5), and when it has a sweet-sour smell and has changed color from black to dark brown. However, please note that there will be some variation in the results of the fermentation of Activated EM•1 due to factors such as; the quality of the water and molasses, the amount of EM•1 and molasses, and temperature differences (water during mixing, room temperature).

Ideally, it is best to use Activated EM•1 within a week after Activated EM•1 is ready (after the pH is below 3.6). The effective microorganisms in Activated EM•1 are very active and powerful during this period. You can use Activated EM•1 for up to one month after it is ready. However, the microbial effects of Activated EM•1 are not as great as when it is "young".


Activated EM•1 should be kept in an expandable air-tight container to keep it anaerobic. Store Activated EM•1 at room temperature 20°C to 30°C. Refrigeration is not necessary. In containers that are not totally airtight, a white layer of yeast bacteria may form on the surface. Since this may lead to putrefaction, remove the layer as needed and transfer to a container that can be closed tightly. If stored Activated EM•1 has a foul smell or the pH rises above 4.0, the solution could be contaminated with undesirable microbes and should be discarded. It is fine to pour this material on a long-term compost pile.

Uses for Activated EM•1:

From domestic use to Cleaning up the environment
  1. Improving soil quality for healthy plants.
  2. Eliminating foul odor.
  3. Keeping your drain clean.
EM•1 can benefit agriculture, clean the environment, and improve our life
  • EM•1 eliminates odor so, it can be used for cleaning in the home.
  • Dilute EM•1 or Activated EM•1 with water (1:500 dilution) then use it for cleaning.
  • A half cup in the washing machine can help clean the clothes.
  • The EM•1 in the water draining into your pipes will work on cleaning the sewer lines.
  • A half cup in a vaporizer will remove odors in the home (cigarettes, wet dog smell, food).
  • Clean the bathroom with it too. Have spray bottle handy and spray into the sink, shower, and toilet after each use. (1:500 dilution).
Checklists for Good Fermentation:

✔Use quality EM・1
✔Clean air-tight container
✔Clean water
✔Sweet and uncontaminated molasses.
✔keep in a warm place during fermentation
     ideal temperature is 20-35¡æ
 ✔Keep anaerobic condition

Checklists for Quality EMAS:

Fermentation period -  7-10 days£¨depends on temperature£©
  • pH - Should drop to below 3.6
  • Smell - Sweet-sour fermentation smell£¨Unpleasant smell means failure of the process£©
  • Color - Dark brown turns into a lighter brown
  • Gas formation - Generally stops when fermentation is completed

2. How to prepare EM™ Mudballs

  1. Soil. It is usually better to use clay-soil that can easily be formed into balls.
  2. Activated EM•1.
  3. Molasses (At 10% the volume of the Activated EM•1)
  4. EM Bokashi.
How to use EM Mudballs
  • Use EM Mudballs in river bottoms and mud flats where slime has accumulated. Generally, use one EM Mudball for each square meter (1m X 1 m) of the polluted area.
  • Use EM Mudballs once each season until results are seen.
  • Cleaning up oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds requires the application of EM into the water through a variety of methods. It is recommended that Activated EM•1 also be regularly applied into the water to supplement the use of EM Mudballs.
Ratio of materials

For 10,000 EM Mudball (100m X 100m area)

-1500kg Soil- Clay-like-soil. Easy to form balls.
-150kg EM Bokashi
-500L Activated EM•1 (EMAS).
- EM Ceramics Powder may be added- Optional
-Charcoal powder (5-10%) -Optional


Since the water content of the soil used will vary, the amount of Activated EM•1 (EMAS) will vary as well. As a general rule, though, if for instance you produce 15 liters of material you will need approximately 1 liter/quart of Activated EM•1 (EMAS). Always be sure to have enough Activated EM•1 (EMAS) on hand in case it is needed. If you use it up, you can add extra water instead (don’t be afraid to use a lot of Activated EM•1).

The amount of optional EM Ceramics Powder will be between 0.1% of the total amount. For example, for 10 liters of material this will equal 10 gram of EM Ceramics Powder.

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