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EM-1 EM Agriculture EM-1 EM Agriculture EM-1 EM Agriculture
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SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE - EM promotes rapid multiplication of beneficial microorganisms which foster healthy soils and optimal growth conditions for plants, enabling high yield and good quality crops.

HUSBANDRY / AQUACULTURE - EM can help reduce foul odours, supress diseases and reduce the need of antibiotics and chemicals. Spraying EM and using EM fermented organic matter as a feed additive can improve the health of animals and thus the quality of meat, eggs, milk and fish.

WASTE MANAGEMENT - EM can be used to recycle organic wastes such as manure, kitchen garbage, leaves, grass etc, and convert these wastes to high quality compost. Similarly, EM can be used to repel insects and suppress odours at garbage collections sites and composting facilities.

WATER TREATMENT / LANDSCAPING - EM can be used to enhance the biodiversity of the ecosystem in rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. It can be used to accelerate the decomposition of sludge and reduce foul odour of wastewater.

HOUSEHOLD - EM is applicable to our daily life. It can be sprayed in the bathroom, kitchen and rooms to remove unpleasant odour and suppress fungal growth. EM can also be used in lawns and gardens to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables.

有机农业 - EM 能迅速促进有效微生物的繁殖,使土壤肥沃加快植物的生长,以提高种植物的回收质量。

牧畜饲养 / 水产业 - EM 能去除牧畜农场发出的臭味,也能抑制牧畜的疾病,并减少抗生素和药物的需求。有效地喷射EM和适当地加EM入饲料中可以促进牧畜的健康以及鱼,肉,蛋,奶的质量。

废物处理 - EM可用来循环有机废物,例如:动物粪便、厨房食物垃圾、枯叶、野草等。通过喷射EM,上述的垃圾可变成高质地的堆肥有用于种植蔬菜植物。EM也能够驱赶昆虫,抑制垃圾回收场的不良异味。

废水处理 / 美化环境 - EM 可以增加何川湖与其他水体生物的多样性(种类)。EM也可快速分解污泥,且除去废水的臭味。

家居生活 - EM在我们家居生活里也能起广泛的作用。可用于清洁厕所厨房客厅卧房,也能消除异味,抑制真菌的生长。它也可用来种植花草。
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